Toshiba launches iPod competitor - with removable HD

I just posted the article Toshiba launches iPod competitor - with removable HD.

Toshiba one of the worlds larger electronics companies has launched a new portable music player that is able to playback MP3, WMA and WAV digital audio files. The device comes with a 5 GB removable…

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Cool idea and all, but I’m not dropping 4 bills on a portable mp3 player. Let me know when I can get one for $100-150 and then we will talk.

it’s about time somebody made an mp3 player similar to ipod that is compatible on pc. too bad it costs so much. i’d love to actually be able to afford it. :c

I know the money is stupid but I love my Ipod and it does work fine with Windows if you use Xplay or Ephpod. This looks like the first decent windows player though.

Except for the USB2, this does not compare to the Rio 20GB. Talking about extras, why not make it compatible with Dcams as well? Would be great on a long trip with a 5 Mpix.

Not a real winner, for people with many bucks… I do have the TREO10, 10 gigas, nice sound etc… costs about 250$ ! A little bigger, but not so much, for Windoze, I love IT :+