Toshiba launches Blu-ray recorders



I just posted the article Toshiba launches Blu-ray recorders.

If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em says Toshiba.

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And how is this going to work with my cable providers’s HD cable box ? I guess it will only work with OTA HD ? That would be too bad (although a good start) because I am fed up with not being able to easily backup my HD recordings off my PVR so I can free space from it and keep them permanently.

How about being able to record to blu ray via component inputs ? That would be nice…

Whats with the name “Vardia” on the front ? Sounds silly.


Sure hope this one retails way less than the Panasonic one does down here in NZ. at $NZ1999


It will probably be just as stupidly priced seeing how for most folks you can’t even afford the blanks to use with it.
Besides it is probably just for their market and doesn’t have a ATSC or QAM cable tuner in it for now. With all the cables co’s here starting to encrypt everything but the basic channels it will also need some sort of cable card support and most manufacturers have given up on them, try finding a new TV that still has it.
Another thing that would be nice is AVCHD to regular DVD media support so you don’t have to buy expensive Blu Ray blanks for now.
I don’t see any specs in that article except for basics so who knows what it can really do.

Well I poked around and it looks like they CAN burn HD content to dvd’s using AVCHD and they also support DL disks as well. I went directly to their Japanese site about the release and at least some of the specs are readable in English and I suppose somebody could try stuffing it into a translator but here’s the link A

And here’s a Google translation


meh, Toshiba is late to the game due to their bad bet on HD DVD. All the other Blu-ray equipment manufacturers should be releasing better hardware due to their head start.


What’s the cheapest Blu-ray player / recorder thats available in the UK market at the moment then?


[QUOTE=SimonYoung;2496083]What’s the cheapest Blu-ray player / recorder thats available in the UK market at the moment then?[/QUOTE]

As far as I’m aware currently the only other alternative is Panasonic.

Panasonic do a range of machines but you’ll find it difficult getting even the cheapest model for much under £500 ATM.



Its about time the industry took a view and said ‘unless we make this technology available at the right price then we are going to be swept away by an alternative technology’ - don’t they realise that unless they make it affordable for the mass consumer market then the volumes just aren’t going to come.


These devices are the first of their type though and as with all new technology the prices tend to be exorbitant.

As production costs go down though they’ll become far more accessible.