Toshiba launches 3 tablet PCs

I just posted the article Toshiba launches 3 tablet PCs.

The touch screen craze expanded further today with three new tablet PCs from Toshiba.
As part of the Portégé series, the laptops feature a 12.1-inch backlit LCD WXGA display. The…

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This laptop looks ugly and looks like it comes from the 90s. I don’t understand why they dropped their cool looking tablets they used to have out that were all white.

Screw all that, i wish ALL laptops were tablets so they would get better configs and cheaper prices and if that happend apple would finally be forced to make one if everyone else was doing it! Apple’s looking a lot like HP these days, so there design are getting good again and toshiba just keeps going down in there designs and so is some of acers stuff too.

Which Toshiba M750 takes over for the badly-reviewed Toshiba M750-10K?? IS the latest M750’s “the” ones to buy now??

Help! :slight_smile: