Toshiba Laptop SD-R6472 8x DVD+/-R writer, 4x DL review



this is barely even a review but more just my experience w/ it. i have recently purchased a Toshiba SD-R6472 8x DVD+/- R writer and 4x DVD+R writer. it also supports 24x CD-r burning. i bought it b/c my Sony TR2A uses a 9.5mm combo drive and it’s VERY hard to buy a dvd-writer that is that thin. so i decided to buy this writer and put it in an external enclosure. this is a VERY small review and i will update if people are seriously interested. the drive supports reading of +R, -R, +RW, -RW, DL, and DVD-RAM. that’s what really surprised me when i bought this drive, i didn’t know it supported dvd-ram. I have yet to test this feature b/c although i do have blank dvd-ram disks (bought double sided disks for only $3 at my local Office Depot on clearance) , i don’t have a writer that supports DVD-RAM. if anyone wants to mail me a dvd-ram disks just to test, i will test it and mail it back. i’ll even cover the postage back to you. i can say that watching a burned movie on it is no problem. Nero picks it up as a Dual Layer writer w/ no issues whatsoever. i’m going to post a scan of a burn @4x w/ it b/c it was done w/ 4x media, i will test w/ 8x media tomorrow an post a scan. i believe this to be a very good burner. this was done w/ firmware revision TU-50. there is a new firmware version out for it, rev. TU-51 but i have not loaded it on yet, i wanted to use the TU-50 and test it out first. if feedback is good (i saw the post about the Panasonic slim writer and not many people responded besides myself, the OP and a mod) then i will test further and return the results but as of right now , i will let the Kprobe scan speak for itself.


Is toshiba SD-R6472 dvd writer is good??.. I’m still searching for a comparaison review… but i’m interrested in that dvd-writer… :confused:


same here… :S any1 knows what the real speed’s are like ??


RPC1 firmware is available at

If anyone wants to try it…