Toshiba laptop restore with out cd

I need help restoring my pc with no CD - says it can not find partition

Please post the exact error message you are seeing.

Could you tell us the exact model and type number please?

Did the previous installation of your operating system go via the original discs or did someone do a manual installation?

If i can remember correctly, when you first run your OS on a toshiba laptop (and most of the modern laptops) the first thing that it asks you to do is a backup on DVD’s or CD’s, also there is one huge file* that contains all the necessary files to restore your system, i am not sure that toshiba has a secret partition.

*Usually it’s located in local disk [B]D:[/B] i don’t remember the name, i’ll have to see it on the hard drive later today.

Right, vroom.
It also has a hidden partition with all the necessary stuff on it, depending on the Toshiba model…

Try this:

To access the Toshiba recovery partition, power off the laptop. Hold down the 0 (zero) key and turn the laptop on. Keep holding down the zero key until the TOSHIBA logo appears, where you should start tapping the zero key repeatedly. Stop if the unit beeps or when the TOSHIBA logo disappears. The screen should flash ** HDD RECOVERY MODE ** for a split second, then load the Toshiba recovery program right from the hard drive.

Note that this erases all data, and reloads all factory default software. Be sure to back up all your important personal data beforehand!

Or this:


  1. Restart the computer.

  2. Repeatedly tap the F8 key until you see the Advanced Boot Option Screen.

  3. Select Repair Your Computerand hit Enter.

  4. Select your country >> OK.

  5. On the System Recovery Options Screen select Restore Application.

  6. Follow the on-screen instructions.

  7. When prompted, select on “Full Factory Recovery”

  8. Select Next >> Yes.

  9. After a couple of minutes the recovery will be completed.