Toshiba introduces thin HDDs with SSD like performance

Toshiba introduces thin HDDs with SSD like performance.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Toshiba today introduced two new 2.5"  hybrid hard disk drives with a height of 7 mm.

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So, just like Seagates SECOND generation SSD like momentus xt2 drives then … Just 4 years late.
I for one prefer the non-hybrid hdd with mini pcie ssd cache, because you can adjust the cache size yourself, or use the ssd cache for whatever you wanted.

Laptops are seeing quite a decline in marketshare due to tablets taking off… Â fancy faster hard drives (that cost more most likely) won’t do much to combat the industry trend towards tablets with ssd memory and improved performance overlapping with laptops. Tablets do have a ways to go with video performance and peripheral device compatability. I think the 2014 models will make a vast improvement in both areas and probably include USB 3 capability & SDXC card access.

Surprisingly enough, MOST of the tablet companies who did include micro hard drives in tablets have now STOPPED doing so in current models. Apparently, there is no demand for these drives in tablets-- though it would be nice to have 1 or 2 tb HDD in the tablet… it’s more likley it will be wirelessly connected as a remote peripheral. Unfortunately, it won’t be until 2015 that they solve the power req. problem of 802.11ac in tablets-- so if you want the speed, it’ll have to be connected via usb.