Toshiba introduces 4TB and 5TB consumer HDDs



We’ve just posted the following news: Toshiba introduces 4TB and 5TB consumer HDDs[newsimage][/newsimage]

Toshiba today announced immediately availability of new consumer HDDs with capacities of 4 TB and 5 TB.

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cool beans…I will be able to upgrade when the time comes again to 12 - 5tb drives…yahoo…:flower:


msrp is unrealistic. 4tb hard drives are on sale now (street price) around $99 - $150
The HDD industry should be pushing prices lower as these higher densities become easier to make. By this time next year, expect 8 - 10gb drives to hit the market.


8 - 10 TB drives aren’t going to happen for awhile. The benefit with these drives are that they’re 7200 RPM, not 5400. Great for streaming full Blu-ray rips (MKV). I have a WD 4TB 5400 RPM drive and it’s great for size, but slow to FF or RW. Sometimes freezes. I’m pretty sure faster RPM would fix that problem.


WD projected that 8tb drives might be ready in limited quantities sometime btw Q1-Q3 of next year… not sure about toshiba and any other MFG’s left…

I don’t think the rpm has much to do with the speed these days… 5400 rpm drives of today have a bit more speed than 5400 rpm drives of the past… also, I’ve seen variations of rpm such as 5800rpm - 6000 rpm. Perhaps there might be variable rpm coming soon vs a fixed rpm.

The new 4k codec HEVC promises much higher quality in a smaller density footprint (225 MB per hour of video?!? @ 4k resolutions & PRO HD multi-track sound+ subtitles!!) You might look into those. But be warned, these files are NOT apparently compatible with most tablets b/c the apps which are being created (to playback h.265 hevc) are apparently glitchy or don’t work well – yet. I bet they’re going to hock the next generation of tablets as “ENABLING” this hd codec…slimy marketing…