Toshiba HK4E SATA 1.6GB Enterprise SSD Review



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Welcome to Myce’s review of the Toshiba HK4E series of SATA Enterprise SSDs.

This review marks an exciting step forward for Myce as it is the first review in which we have used our new OakGate Test Platform. The new OakGate test bench is a state of the art platform which provides us with the ability to test all types of SSDs, including SATA, SAS 2, SAS 3, and PCIe/NVMe, in one integrated solution. We plan to publish a review/profile of our new OakGate Test Platform in the near future.
The Toshiba HK4E is available in capacities of 200, 400, 800, and 1600GB. The subject of this review is the 1.6TB model – the THNSN81Q60CSE.

In this review, I draw readers’ attention to the Myce/OakGate 4K Latency Write Test, where one can see a fascinating insight in to the behaviour and impact of the Toshiba THNSN81Q60CSE’s firmware – please see Page 7.

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