Toshiba HDD\DVD Recorder



Hi,I hope this is the right forum but can anyone here help me with Toshiba
RD-XS35 HDD\DVD video recorder,just got this and the editing suck,I downloaded
guide but still having problems with chapter editing,im trying to delete commercials and having a hell of a time,I read that this recorder was pretty good but little hard to learn and there right,so if someone can help most appreciated.thanks again and have nice day.

PS>Reason I bought
was good price




Maybe someone will see your post here,
but you posted in the
Philips DVD Recorder and Player Forum.
Since there is no seperate Toshiba forum
it would have been better to post in
DVD Recorder & Home Entertainment
Hopefully somebody will help you soon,
but things are a little slow on weekends
Edit: I see you’ve posted in a more appropiate thread,
so disregard.
Good Luck. :slight_smile:


Thx chuck