Toshiba HD DVD Question ////



As rumors still spread on the internet about Toshiba is going to
stop making players and just sell there remaining ones.

I tried to call Toshiba HD DVD Support, but they were closed because
of weekened. I will call them on Monday.

If these rumors are true and after all the money I have invested
in my Player and Many movies, I will Never buy any Toshiba product

And I suggest you do the same…

Thank You.


Don’t think you can blame Toshiba for not continuing to make HD-DVD players when it would be a money losing proposition. When the studios start dropping support for your product it would make no $$$ sense to continue. As of now it’s all conjecture anyways. I am keeping my HD-DVD player and I am sure alot of others will as well. Just my opinion.


Are you suddenly unable to play your movies on your HD-DVD player? Has the player suddenly stopped being able to provide some of the best quality SD-DVD playback available?

You can apply the same thinking to your collection of DVD players and discs too. Since they are now obsolete, don’t ever buy any more DVD’s or players, or products that are made by any of those companies. :rolleyes:

And how about those makers of VHS tapes and VCRs, didn’t they cheat you too?


I’m buying all the HD-DVDs I can find, at soon to be rock-bottom prices. They will all transfer nicely to BD too, should that format ever look like it has a chance of being around for a while.


How much did you pay for your Toshiba HD DVD player?

Back in 1998 I paid $800 for a Toshiba DVD player and it’s still working fine.

You don’t want your Toshiba hardware, sell it on ebay.

Stop whining and move on.


Yup, the clearance sales will definitely be nice as they are already getting pretty good. 100-150 movies on HD-DVD at amazon, deepdiscount and barnes and noble for $10-$15 and virtually all of them are HD-DVD exclusive titles ATM. So you would be waiting a few months at least before getting a Blu-Ray release and then I wish you luck finding them at the aforementioned prices, let alone clearance prices. As I pointed out in another thread I currently have $235.17 invested with the player AND 11 HD-DVD titles that I really enjoy. I can’t even get a V1.0 spec Blu-Ray player for that (unless you are talking about a crazy open-box or refurb deal), let alone getting 11 Blu-Ray titles THAT I REALLY WANT. The bottom line is that I got an outstanding deal and a good entry into high-def for dirt cheap. As for getting after Toshiba, come on. They were willing to loose billions to try and make things work and gave everyone a shot at very affordable high-def and if you think that Blu-Ray is truly winning anything by having HD-DVD out of the way, think again. :wink:


Hit the stores and look for a cheap demo BD player, I found a nice Panasonic for cheap and Circuit City is blowing out some at various stores around the states, others stores like Sears too. Then you can be purple and not care for way cheaper then a dual format or a Xbox.
I burn my hd caps to regular dvd’s and watch them on my cheaply purchased A-2 machine, and you can do the same with BD players according to a guide here though I haven’t tried it yet.