Toshiba HD A3 Player And 4 HD Flicks - $88 Shipped


Tiger Direct has the Toshiba HD A3 hi def player that upscales the standard DVD movies and/or burned copies so amazingly good for $80 and $8 shipping here:

This is a GREAT price on this GREAT player-eh!!

Even as a top notch Quality up scaling (1080i) player this “A3” is the best deal for $79.99. The player displays the regular DVD with “High Quality” near HD.

[QUOTE=TCAS;2055548]Even as a top notch Quality up scaling (1080i) player this “A3” is the best deal for $79.99. The player displays the regular DVD with “High Quality” near HD.[/QUOTE]


You are absolutely spot on-eh!!!

Nice find Mike…I might pick up a couple of these.

Nice find.

I need another DVD player like a hole in the head, but I went ahead and ordered one anyway…how can you beat that price?

Thanks for the heads up…I think:rolleyes:

Oops! Should have read more about the A3…just canceled the order. Main reasons:

  1. The A3 is only 1080i (my Pioneer 50" plasma is 1080p);
  2. I have two Oppos that upconvert as well or probably better than the A3;
  3. I’d probably spend several hundred bucks on HD DVD movies to get get any real value from the HD format;
  4. Toshiba has a miserable reputation for quality control and, more important, horrible tech support.

Bottom line, I end up repressing my impulsiveness and saved $$ and inevitable buyer’s remorse :o

I have both the Oppo DV-981 and the Toshiba A3 and I can’t tell a difference between the two when it comes to up-converting. As for quality control. The Toshiba HD machines aren’t bad. That being said though, I can understand why you would cancel your order under the circumstances. :wink:

I have the best and more satisfying experience with Toshiba “Tech Support” and honoring their Warranty in my son Laptop for the last 4 years. As for Quality of their product I have had (my son still has it) Toshiba 50" HD TV (a generation before DLP) since 2000 and that sucker displays quality picture compatible with my present Samsung 50" HD Plasma TV.

just a heads up for any one interested. sears is clearenceing there hd-a30’s
I saw 2 in there cage tonight,thought about it and for anyone interested,take a look!! oh ya the best part was they were 50.00 + another 5 or 10 % off. good luck

Hey hey hey thank you for head up this is tremendous. I am sure so many people would want to jump in to this but question is this is it available in every Sears?

all i know was that i saw them in two, 2 in calumet city,ill. and 2 in elkhart ind.
mabie they were slow sellers at those places. all you could do is look, its clearence time right now!! got a 33"mower ussually 1299.00, i pliced it up for 750.00!! they had a 42"hitchi hd lcd for 1023.00 and a50"dlp for right around a grand. still waiting for a great deal on the hitchi!! dont need the a30 right now but good luck to all out there!!
the sales will drop another 10% memoral weekend if i can wait till then!!
rember this was all clearence stuff,new mods being updated,so its whats in stock or its the one off the rack!!
I’m running a HTPC so i need an internal drive, tha a30 does me no good unless i can remove & put in my case!!hahaha

Nice find on that one.