Toshiba HD-A1 HD DVD 2.0 firmware soon; enables TrueHD 5.1

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According to a "tipster’ over at HDBeat, looks like the fourth firmware update in about as many months for the Toshiba HD-DVD player, is coming soon! The new version…

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I find it amusing that the frequent firmware updates are regarded as a “bad thing” - the fact that with every one issued the performance improves and, in the case of the upcoming v2.0, functionality is added means I view it as a good thing. Contrast this to the howling of the handful of unlucky Samsung owners who are yet to see any update for their troubled machine…

I saw those comments as well and do not understand the logic either.

Well here is the thing, you rush a product out that is not fully functional, then you have to release firmware to make it do what it claims. Instead of shipping a fully functional product they ship a product that is by all means defective and then they have to release firmware to fix there faulty product. Tht is the way I see it.

True, but I would rather have consistant upgrades and new features (Like TrueHD5.1) rather then to sit around and say I will wait for Gen2 becuase this player doesn’t do this or that one doesn’t do that, or playback is spotty on this one. The A1 is a great piece of hardware and its ability to get patched and upgraded just adds to the awesome build quality. I Say Toshiba keep it up.

Well i agree with the firmware updates as a good thing…the thing is noones hardware/setup is the same and it is impossible to find all the bugs in these things in closed environment testing…at least thier is customer support and the firmware updates can improve things …i will get one of these when price hit’s 299 us…

And I thought it was 3rd time lucky…not 4th time!!!

Other Hardwaresetup has nothing to do with THESE firmware updates. These players are much the same as DVD players. If you buy a DVD player, you expect it to work. The bugs that have been corrected are for very basic problems that should never have been there. When firmware is released for DVD players its generally to fix small niggles. Not the case with the A1. It should be able to decode TrueHD as standard, its a protected format, so only the actual player itself can decode it anyway. Its abit like a “the reformed junky”. When a drug addict cleans up their act they are sometimes seen as being better than you or I. They’ve worked hard to sort themself out, when really they’ve done nothing - nothing positive anyway. Its totally inexcusable. They are a business and deserve no second chances, nor does any business. They released early to cash in and it is the consumers that get burnt. If everyone saw things like this for what it really is, a rushed joke, then we wouldn’t have to put up with it. Samsung messed up also, their even worse, but two wrongs don’t make a right. Think of it like the Microsoft windows Xp situation, I can’t remember anyone congratulating microsoft when they patch a new security hole? Same here, its basic stuff…maybe just how I see it, guess I don’t like seeing buisnesses getting away with stuff like this and then getting a pat on the back for it (For some reason computer peeps are extremely forgiving with this sort of thing, have no idea why)…(you know its true!!!)… “Its something new to play with for FREE…whoooooooo”

Perhaps its because no product will be perfect, and we prefer to have the stuff fixed at some point, rather than having to replace it. Its why you read reviews before you buy. I have friends that will just go out, see something they like, and buy it. Only to find out later it doesn’t do something they wanted. Spending a little time doing research, learning what issues it has, and then decide if you still want it. If people did their homework, then they would know that the Toshiba player had problems.

again, i would rather have something that is tweakable and adjustable thru firmware then something that is crap for good with no way of fixing it…also, most of you nerds who comp[lain about this sheet are idiots who are unhappy people to begin with…