Toshiba HD-A1 and Toshiba HD-A2?

Hi Guys,
I know this is a newbie question, but what is the difference between a Toshiba HD-A1 and a HD-A2 is. Since they are both priced the same.

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The “A” designation is a version/generation notation. Toshiba is already up to A3’s.

[U][B]Toshiba HD-A1[/B][/U]


HD Content Output via HDMI (Disc Native Resolution)
11-bit / 216MHz Video Dac
Video Up-Conversion for SD DVD (720p/1080i)
Enhanced Black Level (0IRE /7.5IRE Selection)
Letterbox / Pan & Scan Support


Built-in Dolby® Digital, Dolby® TrueHD, Dolby® Digital Plus, DTS®, and DTS® HD (core only)
Dolby® True HD Compatible (2 Channel, 5.1 channel enabled via firmware update)
Advanced high-performance 32-bit SHARC® Digital Signal Processing
Multi-Channel 24-bit/192kHz Audio DACs
HDMI Audio support up to 5.1 L-PCM
Multi-Channel Signal Management
Dynamic Range Control
WMA & MP3 Playback


Pre-programmed Remote Control w/ TV Controls
Tri-Lingual OSD (English, French/Japanese)
Bit Rate Display
FL Dimmer
Fast Forward
Fast Reverse
Slow Play
Step Play
A-B Repeat
Screen Saver
Parental Lock
Tray Lock
Time Search


HDMIâ„¢ (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)
ColorStream Pro® Component Video Output
Composite Video (1)
Coaxial Digital Output
Opitcal TosLink® Digital Audio Input (1)
Ethernet 10/100 Port (1)

[B]Weights and Dimensions[/B]

Dimensions: 17.72" x 4.33" x 13.39" (W x H x D) (WxHxD)

[U][B]Toshiba HD-A2[/B][/U]


HD Output 720p/1080i
SD Upconversion 480p/720p/1080i
Combo Format disc playback
HD DVD Video
DVD Video
DVD-R (Video)
DVD-R DL (Video)
DVD-RW (Video/VR CPRM not supported)


High-performance SHARC® DSP
Dolby® Digital Plus 5.1ch
Dolby® TrueHD 5.1ch
DTS® 5.1ch
DTS® HD (core only)


Persistent Storage
Universal remote with glow print
OSD Language English/French/German/Japanese
Advanced Navigation


Ethernet Port
ColorStream Pro® Component Video Output
RCA Video Outputs (1)
Extension Terminal (2)
2ch. Audio Output
Digital Optical Output
S-Video Output

[B]Weights and Dimensions[/B]

Dimensions: 16.9" x 13.58" x 2.58" (WxHxD)

[U][B]Toshiba HD-A3[/B][/U]


High Definition (720p/1080i) Playback
SD Upconversion 480p/720p/1080i
HD DVD Video
DVD Video
DVD-R (Video)
DVD-R DL (Video)


Advanced Audio including Dolby® TrueHD, Dolby® Digital Plus and DTS® HD (core only), along with legacy formats including Dolby® Digital DTS®


Backwards Compatibility
Persistent Storage
Slim Chassis Cosmetic Design
OSD Language English/French/Spanish/Others
Advanced Navigation


Ethernet (10/100BASE) (1)
Digital / Analog out simultaneously
Component Output
Composite Output
Analog (2 ch)
Digital Optical Output
HDMIâ„¢ Output (1)

[B]Weights and Dimensions[/B]

Weight: 7.26 lbs.
Dimensions: 16.9” x 2.34” x 12.9” (WxHxD)
Dimensions With Stand: 19.7” x 5.6” x 16.1” (WxHxD)

[B]This is from the Toshiba web site[/B].

Toshiba HD-1

Toshiba HD-2

Toshiba HD-3


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Yeah that was some nice research, suprised the A3 doesn’t support 1080p though.

[QUOTE=LOCOENG;1944219]Yeah that was some nice research, suprised the A3 doesn’t support 1080p though.[/QUOTE]

I forgot to post the links above, they are now there.

You will need to goto the Toshiba HD-A30


Thanks for the quick response. My main questionis which one is better,
Because they are both priced the same. I also heard A1 was discontinued
and the A3 still had some bugs. ( I personally do not know if that is true or

One more quick question I have 2 LCD 26 Inch HDTV’s and online someone
told me if I got a HD DVD player cause of my screen size it would not make
much of a difference, and that I should stickwith my upconverters.

Is this true.

  Thank again everyone....

Yes the Toshiba HD-A1 is discontinued.

No matter the resolution of the source material, whether VHS, DVD, or HDTV, a fixed-pixel display will always convert, or scale, it to fit its native resolution.

If the incoming source has more pixels than the display’s native resolution, you will lose some visible detail and sharpness, though often what you’re left with still looks great.

If the incoming source has fewer pixels than the native resolution, you’re not getting any extra sharpness from the television’s pixels.

On smaller sets, seeing the difference is not very drastic as it would be with a larger set.

I would suggest that you visit a place were they can physically show you. It’s better to be hands on.


Thew A3 is supposed to down convert DTS to 640k pcm or something like that so the audio MAY be better with the a1 and 2. I do know the a2 and 3 are a lot faster responding to anything you do with the remote and picking up a disk after it’s first put in the tray and loaded. The A2 is still a bit slow to boot but after that it’s not so bad, I just got one on the crazy sales a few weeks ago and except for the initial bootup time it doesn’t drive me nuts waiting to do things.
It can also play home made hd dvd disks on regular dvd’s very nicely as long as you do the right steps to make them, I’m sure the a1 also does, and pretty sure the a3 will as well.