Toshiba forms an HD-DVD promotion group

I just posted the article Toshiba forms an HD-DVD promotion group.

 Toshiba  is really putting on the pressure now, they're putting together some companies  and forming a group to help them push HD-DVD. Come on Blu-ray, don't take this  lying down.The       ...
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“Blu-ray seems to have a slight lead” u sure? :r

Yes in the poll here at the site. Look to the left of the page. :stuck_out_tongue: I rephrased the statement a bit to make my meaning clearer. Thank you. :slight_smile:
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The political :wink: DVD-forum actually incorporates the blu-ray into its HD-DVD specification. ??

Consumers already know of DVDs and they’ve already heard of high-definition (HD) content and HDTV, so it will be very easy for them to accept HD-DVD. It will be viewed as a logical combination. Blu-ray will probably require more marketing and advertising than HD-DVD. Think about your mother-in-law or your parents or someone who’s not very tech savvy. If both formats were quietly put on the shelves today which would they relate to? The HD-DVD.

the question is nec , toshiba , sanyo Vs Sony, Pioneer, HP , JVC, Panasonic etc … I think that the supporters behind blu-ray are stronger . (just my opinion)

Thats right but not important i think… Sony has lost Betamax / VHS war to JVC … I read that HD DVD is cheaper than Blu-Ray… And HD DVD supports CDs also…
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cheaper is right, but both of the will support CDs. The HD-DVD to Blu-ray and vice verca compatibility makes me more to think about ,because we will have both of the formats in the futue and I haven’t heard anything about development regarding this. Backward compatibility is for sure an impotant feature but I don’t want to have 1 HD-DVD for playing back movies from e.g Universal and one for Blu-ray to play my Disney movies.

VHS will make a resurgence as the ONE TRUE FORMAT for all. :g