Toshiba EP35 HD-dvd shows 2ch or nothing

I have the Toshiba EP35 1.3 HDMI HD-dvd player.
It shows 2ch or nothing, i have never seen Multichannel on the display.
The Receiver Onkyo 805 shows on his display TrueHD or DD plus.
And it’s sounds great!

On PCM the Toshiba shows “Multichannel”, but on bitstream he shows 2channel and playing the same movie a next time nothing.

At the end the sound is ok, but why does the Toshiba shows show 2ch or nothing on the display?? I am not the only one with this problem…

Greetings from The Netherlands,

The display bug is a known issue. It only affects the display, not the audio.

Will the firmware Toshiba update remove this display bug ?