Toshiba DVR620 DVD/VHS Recorder disc won't play on other DVD player

I just installed a Toshiba DVR620 DVD/VHS Recorder. It is most commonly used for converting VHS tapes to DVD discs.

I got it to record TV shows (via TIVO) to DVD using the RCA (yellow, red, white) input connection (L1).

I used a DVD-R blank for my first attempt and all went as expected except for the resulting disc. It will only play on the Toshiba DVR620 and one other DVD player I have (oldest one). Would not play on the other four nor could my PC read it. One of my DVD players plays just about everything including blu-ray, PAL, any region and many video file formats. It attempts to load the DVD I produced on the Toshiba DVR620 DVD/VHS and after a bit, signals disc error and ejects it.

For my next attempt I used a DVD+R blank. That resulting disc would only play on the Toshiba DVR620. Even my oldest player didn’t like a DVD+R disc.

I called Toshiba support and they couldn’t suggest any solution and acted like who would want to play the disc on anything except their machine.

I suspected the ‘problem’ was the way the Toshiba opened and closed the disc at the beginning and end of the recording process. That process was very user friendly as all one need do is put in a blank, press the RECORD button and then at the end, press the STOP button. When you press the STOP button, the unit automatically goes into a ‘finish’ mode and a gray timing bar appears at the bottom of the screen. It gradually fills until it shows 100% and then it disappears. EOJ!

I asked Toshiba if there was anything I could do to change the settings on the machine so it would produce a DVD-R that could be played in other players and they said no. Everything was set-up to be automatic.

Any suggestions?


Toshiba usually supports DVD-R better than DVD+R media.

Normally you can also choose between VR mode and Video mode recording.

Thanks for your comments.

It turns out that “Auto Finish” only works when the recording (burning) is being done in timer mode or the disc is full.

For manual operation, when the recording is finished and you press Stop it only ‘appears’ to go into Finishing mode.

In fact, you can remove the disc and reload it at any time (or not) and then go to “Setup” and step through the Finish DVD steps to actually finish the disc so it will play on another DVD player. I reloaded those first DVD-R and DVD+R discs and finished them in this way.

Both now play on all of my other DVD Players.

In case you have problems finalizing such disks, try with the free Imgburn.

“Writing to disc” is not the same as finalizing a disc. You must finalize the disc before it will play on other devices.