Toshiba DVR D-R410KU Recorded Sound Problem



Hi all,
Hope someone can help. The problem I’m having is kind of strange but here goes… After labeling each television time recording with a name etc., the resulting finalized disc is missing sound on some of the titles. The strange part is that while editing to put a name to the title, the display has sound all during the pre-finalization process. The sound problem does not happen all of the time. I just finalized another disc with three time recorded movies and all three had sound. It’s just weird to me that it only happens on some but not all. Case in point, I recorded three movies the other night and made a point to make sure that sound was on each. Again during the editing to add a name to each title, the displayed movies had sound, but after finalizing the disc, sound was on the first movie but not on the second and third. :bow: Has anyone else experienced this kind of behavior? If so, how did you fix it? tia