Toshiba DVD SD-M1402 - Help Needed

I am currently losing the will to live and would really appreciate some advise.

Q1) Will my Toshiba DVD drive read subchannel data+audio ?
Q2) If so , what settings do I need
Q3) I am currently using 1010 firmware and do you know of any upgrades?
q4) I want to extract data using clone cd 3 2 1.1, so is my drive compatiable
Q5) Just been reading up on DAE at www.cdspeed 2000 would this sofware help?

Thanks in advance


1 + 2
If you enable READ SUB channel data from data+audio tracks under preferences and start to extract a CD. CloneCD will tell you if your reader supports those features !

Don’t know anything about that

In most cases YES ! To test it with protected CD’s … try and see what happens ! But it very much depends on your CR-R drive as well !

Don’t think so !