Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-M1502

Hi to everyone!
Can somebody tell me what I have to do so that my Dvd-rom can read any dvd I put in it? I’m tired of buying dvd’s that my Toshiba can’t even recognise!
(The first who will reply to me, wins my dvd-rom!!! Hehehehehe!!!)

that drive will only play dvd-r media.Back then,toshiba didn’t support + media.You’ll probably have to get a new one.The new toshiba 1912 is a good drive(plays + and -) and it’s only $23.

I have one of those too, and I am really annoyed with it because it is so finicky. With some DVDs (especially poor quality ones or backup copies of movies), it will read them some days but not on others. Or it will quit part way through.

I recommend throwing it away, and buy a new one. DVD writers have dropped in price by about 60% in the past month, so I bought a BenQ 1620, and I love it.