Toshiba DVD-ROM does not read cd and vcds

Hi Guys,
I have toshiba DVD-ROM in Toshiba laptop.It is from australia.I am using it in India.DVD-ROM give error when I try to read CD-R which I wrote on Nero in india.

It gives the error like “Windows cannot read this disk.The disk might be corrupetd, or It could be compaitable with windows”

Waiting for replys,

Driver/software problem.

Uninstall packet-writing software, uninstall all IDE channels into Devicemanager, then reboot.


I’m having so many issues (constantly needing to uninstall the DVD/CD-ROM drive as it refuses to even acknowledge a DVD is inserted) in my trying to use my (no FW updates available) Sony VAIO’s Pioneer optical drive (DVD-RW, DVR-K12D) to record DVD’s, for me and maybe others having the initial post’s issue, could you post a little more info (even at risk of going a bit off topic)?


Where do we look for our “packet-writing software” (to uninstall)? For me, I’m only quessing, maybe mine’s the Sony recommended update which installed “HighMAT CD Writing Wizard”?

‘Off Topic’"

As unhappy as I am with Sony software, I’m figuring my next format will exclude any and all updates from Sony (MS included) and reply on a backup format whenever things get mucked up, but it seems I may be stuck with having to use a lot of Sony’s software (no matter how much I dislike it’s proprietary, invasive and spying inherencies). Or can I dump Intervideo WinDVD 5 and DVgate Plus (and keep Click to DVD, which I like)?

What little I know about packet-writing, came from my reading up on Nero’s readme, etc., which mentions that one should try to use as few as possible multiple burning softwares (due to packet-writing bugs, as well as potential incompatability issues).

I ask those questions as I plan on using some software that’s provided with my LG External Super Multi DVD ReWriter (GSA 5160D) which offers me the use of PowerDVD, PowerProducer Gold, Nero Express and InCD version 4.2.12.

As such, it seems I should be uninstalling Sony’s “HighMAT CD Writing Wizard” and should then use InCD (that comes with my LG ReWriter?

You should avoid using and installing all that kinds of software, incd, dla, highmat, etc etc.

Virtual drives also cause problems for your dvd/cd drives as well in windows.