Toshiba DVD-ROM/cd burner



i currently have a toshiba sd-r2212 drive for my laptop with firmware v.1013. i wanted to upgrade it to the latest. on this site -> , there are various firmware versions. i’m not sure which is the latest, could someone point me to the right one?

by the way…i decided to choose the 1F series, and when i tried to install it through dos…the firmware said for drive’s with IF firmware, which i don’t have… does this mean i can’t update my firmware?

thanks.i will wait for some response before i mess around with the drive.


That link leads to nowhere… :slight_smile:

The latest firmware for your drive is the 1016 (or the RPC-1 version) if your drive is really an Rev.A drive. Check that using Hijacker’s Discinfo!


i have Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-R2212 can you help me find an update for my firmware ? PLEASE thanks… i’m noob at this section.

also from where do I get Hijackers Discinfo ? I didnt find any webpage to download it … thanks


I forgot to say i have 1314 firmware version as Nero says.


Sorry, but the only (proved) suitable firmware for your drive seem to be the patched 1314 version.