Toshiba DVD-R D-R4SU disc stuck in tray:(

Hi-My husband put a Memorex OptiDisc CD/DVD laser lens cleaning disc in his recorder, and it is stuck in the tray. The model is a Toshiba DVD-R D-R4SU. He says it didn’t have any instructions with it, and I can’t find any on the net. He inserted the disc and hit Play, and now, nothing. Nothing came up on the tv screen, the tray won’t open, eject doesn’t work. Turning off, unplugging, ‘re-booting’, nothing makes the recorder do anything at all. Upon turning the recorder back on, after the loading icon on the TV is done, a message comes up saying disc tray has an error(or something like that). My brother took the bottom off, to try to remove the disc from the drive, but he says it has a separate drive inside, and he ‘would’ do it if I wanted, but would ‘rather not’, since he had never opened one of these before. Is there something I can try, before I tell my husband he has to take it to the repair shop to get it opened up? He didn’t read the instructions on the disc itself before inserting, and all I can determine from hunting the net since last night is that he probably inserted it upside down. Any thoughts would be appreciated, even if it is just to tell me that, yes, it has to go to the shop.
Thanks, Pam

For a trained technician it’s probably a simple fix.
I’d tell him to take it to a good shop.
If it was mine, I’d try to remove the drive, or at least
loosen the drive so the front is accessable.
Most drives (at least drives for computers) have a
small hole in front near the tray for Emergency Release.
You gently push a paper clip or something similar
into the hole and it mechanically releases the tray
to remove the disc.
The safest thing though, would still be take it to
a good shop. :bigsmile: