Toshiba DVD player won't read copies

Hi everyone-
I’ve managed to get through the maze of copying instructions for DVDs and they work great on my desktop and laptop. But my home Toshiba DVD player (about 5 years old) says “disk error” when I try to play any copies. Anyone out there have any ideas? Thanks! -John

what kind of discs are you using?

my toshiba (and I’d venture to guess most since mine is pretty new) so NOT read +R discs. you either have to back up using -R or set the booktype on +R media to DVD-ROM (if your burner allows it)

please post back with the brand, type, rated speed, and media ID of discs (media id can be found in teh disc info tab of nero cd-dvd speed.)

for example, i normalyl use Sony 8x DVD+R with Media ID YUDEN000T02 (but i booktype them to -ROM.

check your standalone on or on teh manufacturer’s website to see if it supports the kind of media you’re using.