Toshiba dvd/lgcd drive slows down the system

I have a ECS N2U400-A Version 1.0b motherboard. I am facing 2 problems

  1. I have connected a new dvd drive and when I am watching dvd video, the
    video slows down and the audio is also intermittent. Earlier I had a cd-r
    52x lg drive. When I was listen to music on the cd, and trying to access the
    drive, the music was getting cut. Also, when I access the drive (both cd and
    dvd) the systems slows down, the mouse pointer is very slow. I have tried
    using the onboard sound card as well as connected a soundblaster live audigy
    soundcard. The audigy soundcard works fine on 2 different intel machines.
    The cd-r and dvd drive also work fine with the 2 machines and i don’t see
    any problem with the video or sound.

  2. I have an AMD Athlon XP 2800+ ( 2.2ghz) processor and pc3200 512mb 400mhz ram. But during bootup the BIOS shows only 1250mhz processor and 200mhz 512mb ram.

My system configuration is

amd athlon xp 2800+ processor
micron pc3200 512mb 400mhz ram
Bios n2u400-a ver 1.0b 10/06/2003
Award bios v6.00pg
western digital 80gb hard disk
creative soundblaster live audigy
gateway ev700 monitor 17"
toshiba sdr5112 dvd drive :confused:

Hi there and welcome aboard!

  1. Did you install your chipset’s drivers? If not, please try to do so. You can get them from Just don’t install the NVidia IDE drivers, as they will mess things up when optical drives are connected!

  2. Your CPU is set to the wrong value. Enter your system’s BIOS and set it to 333Mhz (or if not listed, to 166Mhz). That should do the trick!