Toshiba DVD drives

What Toshiba(model) DVD drive can successfully play a backup of safedisc 2.4-2.51.021? I’m considering getting another Toshiba because my Toshiba SD-M1502 can’t play backups of Safedisc 2.4-2.51.021. And how does the Toshiba drives compare to the Teac drives? Mainly cd protected games.


Hi again. The SD-M1502 was never as good as the 1402, it seems to be more media picky. The 1402 is also badged as a Guillemot; if you look around you might find one before they go completely out of stock.

The 1202 combo, I have one (thanks MP|3 :cool: ), is also as good a DVD-ROM as the 1402 and it’s a SD2 butta cutta killa burner as well. Unlike the LG combo, this Toshi is UDMA capable :slight_smile:

That’s my experience

Thank you for your input FutureProof. I’ll go looking for the 1402 model. In your opinion, what is the best DVD-Rom for CloneCD that can cut safedisc 2.4-2.51.021. In other words, what DVD-Rom can read this protection the fastest, have no problems with ATIP, and no problems reading Key2Audio?


The Toshi was popularised before the release of the Liteon LTD-163 and later the 165. It is really a very nice unit but does not like FES in v4 when not required. e.g. with Motoracer 3, it will report errors to the end that aren’t really there, so “Auto” is the best option when prots are unknown.

In my recent tests with NWN and WCIII, a Liteon LTD-163 read was the only backup that played the WCIII first splash screen “ATARI” properly. All other reads, Toshi 1402 included, minimised the first splash screen and found difficulty progressing to the next series of splash screens. I haven’t tested with the “Regenerate…” trick yet, so the Toshi might come through OK in that regard.

I haven’t tested ‘unnecessary’ FES settings with the 163 yet so I won’t speculate on phantom errors with this unit. If you’re just a movie buff or have a bit of non-movie DVD stuff (like some PC mag cover discs) then go Toshi; if you just like backing up your software, go Liteon 163…

How does the new SD-M1612 Toshi stand up aganist the Lite-on 163/165.

I use the SD-M1402, kick ass DVD-ROM. :smiley: It truly is a SD killer. I was thinking of upgrading to the 1502, but if that drive isn’t as good, screw it! :slight_smile: I gotta read into the 1612 to see if it’s a good CCD drive (as good as the 1402?).

Yeap, i agree with most people with SD-M1402. I own one of this drive and it’s really fast and accurate when reading all type of dvd/cd-r.When a back-up doesn’t work reading with my plex, the toshiba will do the job very fast…and this is not all…with this drive a did a working backup of Codename outbreak which has Starforce ( and i’m sure it’s starforce protected). In the other hand…betabloker or AWS will not work with this drive because it still detects it’s a copy with sf v2.51.021 and up. Scratched (don’t know how to write it properly)cds are no problem with this drive and for testing cd-r protections…is the best…

Keep your “blessed” Toshiba SD-M1402 DVD-Rom. The Toshiba SD-M1502 (which I own) can’t play backups of safedisc 2.51.021.
Maybe you can sell me yours and you can get the LiteOn LTD-163/165 m8

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