Toshiba DVD/CD Rom Drive SD-R2412



Can any one tell me if you can burn to the DVD/CD Rom in my Toshiba Laptop. It is Toshiba SD-R2412? If not is there software that I can download that would make it possible?

What type of DVD discs should I use if I can?

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Does anywhere on your drive is written DVD-/+ ReWriteable? If it does - yes yor drive can and you should use DVD-/+RW


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You can only to burn cd-r/rw.

Toshiba SD-R2412 specs.

24X Record CD-R
10X Rewrite CD-RW
24X CD-ROM Read
Lead (Pb) Free Printed Circuit Board
Horizontal or Vertical Mount
656MB Capacity
Random Seek Time:

DVD-ROM read: 85ms
DVD-RAM read: 130ms
CD-ROM read: 80ms
Data Transfer Rate Sustained:

Max 10,820KB/s (DVD-ROM - single layer)
Max 2,704KB/s (DVD-RAM version 2.1)
Max 3,600KB/s (CD-ROM)
2MByte Buffer
MTBF 60,000 POH’s


Your drive is a combo. CD-RW + DVD-ROM -> no way ever to burn dvd media!