Toshiba D-R4 and universal remotes?



Hi all,

I recently picked up a Toshiba D-R4 from a local bestbuy. I opted for it instead of the Panasonic ES10 because it is much more elegant looking (matches my HiDef Toshiba TV) and had really good reviews. So far I have been VERY happy with the performance, features, and compatibility of recorded discs in other players. However, once I tried to program my universal remote to control this unit…bad things.

The D-R4 has an Infrared Remote identification feature, which allows you to use multiple Toshiba dvd players without their remotes interfering. You set the unit to one of three modes (DR1, DR2 or DR3) and then the remote to the same mode. However, if you try to use ANY universal remote with this unit it simply blinks the code on the front panel (indicating mismatched DR codes). This happens no matter which DR mode is set on the unit and even occurs with the universal remote that came with my brand new Toshiba HiDef TV!!!

Has anyone else run into this problem? I have emailed Toshiba support and waiting for a reply. I’m hoping that they may have some kind of firmware update that would allow this whole stupid IR mode feature to be disabled. I love this unit and hate the thought of having to return it just because of this.