Toshiba D-R3 "You cannot record copy protected movies"




I wonder if any good folks here can help me out. I have a load of home video on SVHS tape that I’m trying to copy to DVD using a Toshiba D-R3. The unit works fine when recording from Sky TV and from most channels on Hotbird but when recording from tapes and from one or two programmes on one or two Hotbird channels I keep getting the rather annoying message in the thread title.

The stuff I’m trying to record doesn’t have any kind of copy protection but it does contain a lot of imagery which has a lot of rapid brightness changes which is what I suspect is triggering the macrovi$ion detector in the D-R3.

So… does anyone here know if it’s possible to change the D-R3’s sensitivity to brightness changes or a way to disable its macrovi$ion detection completely?

Any help gratefully received as this is driving me up the wall :sad:

Thanks :slight_smile:


I bought a SIMA “Copy This” on ebay 'bout a year ago. Very inexpensive. Use between VCR and the Toshiba and you can copy anything. I use my for making back-ups of VHS pre-records before they deteriorate.


Frist off, the video content makes no differents. Next one way to copy your home videos Is to buy an nice portable DVR with at lest 2GB of memory and go for it. You might have borkin the seel on your tapes that let you record off of.