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Even if the HD DVD format is now officially dead, the “old” DVD is still alive (actually, the DVD format is still the main format used by end-consumers, mostly because of the too high…

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I think this is the most retarded thing ever. Who in their right mind would spend money on a stand alone buner when you can buy a dvd burner for your computer for cheaper and it can burn a million other things and works with DL media as well.

@greensabath: Maybe not everyone likes to use a PC, like the regular home users. To bad there is no harddisk included :slight_smile:

No wonder they lost the war :* They don’t even understand what the consumer wants, definitely not 2 yrs+ old tech. I have had a pioneer stand alone recorder with TV tuner & Firewire with hard drive for YEARS !!! It would make sense if they made it at least with dual layer with hard drive support. It should an ATSC turner with HDMI as well. Anything else less than this is wasting our time and their resources.
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