Toshiba confirms several week delay of HD DVD players



I just posted the article Toshiba confirms several week delay of HD DVD players.

 As recently  predicted, Toshiba has confirmed that they will delay the launch of their HD DVD  players for several weeks such that they coincide with the time HD  DVD movies hit the shops.      ...
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“TVs were compatible and pretty much all TVs could show the full image resolution DVD is capable of” Um true but they didn’t have dual layer media so they didn’t have full quality video. Also they seemed to just do quick nasty telecine transfers for the first generation of dvd’s while later on they finally spend some time remastering the footage. HD-DVD/Blu-Ray shouldn’t have to much of a problem since a lot of recent movies have already been mastered in high def in there transfer into dvd so they shouldn’t have to much of a problem with looking high qual on hdtv’s


Having dual layer media has nothing at all to do with video quality when it comes to TVs.


um yes it does. Dual layer media= more space which = higher bitrate for the video and audio. If you read reviews of superbit dvd’s vs there lower bitrate counter part they will say the superbit version is head over heels better then the lower bitrate version. Find any older movie that is a single layer disc then find it’s newer updated version and tell me it dosn’t look 100x better.


You can still get plenty of films which are only single layer and a high bitrate. They just cut the crap (ie deleted scenes) out and give you the entire movie on its own.


Dell’s new 2407 LCD monitor seems to support HDCP and it costs as low as about US$600.


Umm… no, it doesn’t. Having dual layer media is great and gives the studio more space for a higher bitrate movie. However, they usually fill it with extra languages, director’s comments and useless crap like that. I prefer 1 movie, 1 language and a WHOLE LOT of extra bits to make it look and sound its best.


Not many movies are released that way unless they are junk in the first place. First generation dvd’s also still had some sort of extra’s be it trailers or directors commentary. Usually first gen releases were laser disc transfers so the quality never was as good as you see it today. Anyway look at the quality of a first gen dvd and look at the quality of that same movie after it was remastered. It has improved even though it’s the same technology so expect the same for HD-DVD’s