Toshiba COMBO for laptop (SD-R2102)

Anyone know if there is a way to make the drive support overburning, which it doesn’t at this point?

Before you ask, yes, i have acivated Nero’s overburning, and yes, i have checked the firmware pages. I bought Infiniti 99min cd’s, but still the size reported to Nero is 703mb.

Is there a way to make Nero ignore this?

i am not sure about overburning but since i saw this post and also have this drive in my laptop i was wondering if you can overclock it with different firmware. however i was looking for firmware for this drive and found a page with a variety for this drive. some claimed to remove the region lock on the dvd player as well as other firmware patches. i dont remember the address but i believe i found it searching through google.

but still the size reported to Nero is 703mb.

It always does.

So, there is no solution?

Notebook cd-(re)writers usually have a different set of firmware than their normal atapi and/or scsi counterparts.

The only thing to do here is to contact the Toshiba helpdesk about it if there is an firmwareupdate on their writer and if it supports overburning.