Toshiba changes mind: Toshiba sees eventual unified DVD format



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I’m lost,
but maybe some of our smarter visitors get it. We’ve reported that the HD-DVD
and the Blu-ray camp where in talks for an unified format, we also reported that they didn’t reach…

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Well, there isnt really much new. Its just another piece of intimidating bluff from hd camp. All i guess they are trying to say is" Dudes, ya r all so gonna loose", meaning the market will get rid of Blue as it did of Betamax( which was superior technically). Lets wait and see.


Because there is still no unified blue laser next generation Hi-Definition DVD format in the horizon, I think that the best solution would be a dual fomat one - meaning that each drive would be able to play and write both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. Once any drive would be able to handle both of the formats, they will be able to co-exist with each other. I don’t think that it would be such a diseaster if the two formats will remain and compete with each other. Any consumer will have the choice: either buy a HD-DVD version of a movie (or a blank disk for personal use) or buy a more expensive Blu-Ray version. Let the competition do the rest: “may the best one win”. And therefore I think that any near future drive should support both formats - not only one.


Personally if there is no unified format, I WILL NOT buy either Blu-Ray or HD-DVD ONLY player and burner. At most, I will only consider buying dual-format support player and burner. Everybody follows Homer. We will show those corporate Fat Cats who is in charge here: the consumers. We want a unified format, go work on it; or it will cost you.


The only potential use for either format will be copying HDTV content from other discs, (assuming this is even possible), and burning data discs on your 'puter. Creating your own HDTV content will also be possible, assuming you have an HDTV camera. A stand alone BD or HD-DVD recorder will be useless thanks to DRM chips.


Yeah, so were consoles to backup-discs, dvd-players to regioncoded discs etc… But you’re right, it’s just another dough-inspired friggin obstacle in getting the full potential of the devices in use.


I’d kill for a reasonably-priced, high-capacity reliable RW drive on the PC, standards or not :slight_smile: I think Toshiba worked out that it’s better to be publically diplomatic and agreeable while working behind-the-scenes making sure your own format wins anyway :slight_smile: