Toshiba Burner Problem

Im using what I am assuming is an old Toshiba SDR5112 burner. Im having a great deal of trouble getting it to read discs. I followed a guide from the page listed on this forum and it says unable to recover TOC. I have Alcohol 120%, DVD Decryptor, 1CloneDVD, and DVD Shrink installed to try to make this work. I also have two sets of DVD-R, Verbatim 4.7GM 120 Min 1X-4X and Fujifilm 120 Min 4.7GB 1X-16X discs. If anyone could tell me what I need to do to get this going I would appreciate it.

We need to know your exact drive assuming isn’t a good thing nor is thinking. PC Wizard v2005 will tell you what you have. You can Download it here.

It is the Toshiba SDR5112, I ment I was assuming it was old, not that I didnt know what the burner actually was.

You didn’t state the firmware you are useing and there is updates on it too.

Here is the download page for your firmware if needed.

No idea what firmware of where to find it. I just found something that says “Firmware Revision X433” if that means anything. I have run NERO and gotten to a point where it will burn the DVD, but it still fails to read the disc in the burner. This is the main problem now, and I have two different disc, previously listed, that do not work.

I didn’t see firmware X433* so I have to sit here with you and learn myself.

So Im assuming the firmware could be directly related to the inability to read the disc? I used DVDShrink and then NERO and it seemed to have the files moved and ready to burn, but now NERO wont read the disc. The X443 was the only thing I have seen so far as firmware goes that I can find, if you know where to look to find out what firmware it is ill check.

Don’t try to update unless you exactly know what drive model and firmware and hardware revision you have!