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I just bought a Toshiba SD-R5372 burner for my computer,seems to work great but… I burned some DVD’s that were DVD+R formats and put them in my TOSHIBA SDV391 combination VCR & DVD player for my TV and they won’t play without skipping or freezing?? If my TV player won’t play DVD +R’s ,I assume I will have to use DVD-R’s which is a PIA which also poses my next question the burner burns DL discs but in + format only as it seems that is the only dual layers out right now?? and means my Player won’t be able to read any dual layers?? then what is the type of dual layers pre-recorded discs and why do they read in all players?? What type of VCR-DVD player is best for reading all formats?? Why does my TV player not read + format but, does read - format, is - format connected to Toshiba as their Beta type format just to be differant?? Sorry so, long ,still somewhat confused by all the formats!! Thanks for any help you can give me or advice on what to stay away from. :sad:


What is the best type of disk to burn or which way to burn with NERO to get a compatible disk for player??? :confused: :confused:


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you may find some answers to your questions in this thread.

You can make the +R and +R DL discs more compatible to older standalone DVD player by using the so called booktype or bitsetting. This means that you set the booktype of your +R or +R DL disk to DVD-ROM which makes your DVD player think that a pressed DVD is inserted but I’ve no Idea if your burner is able to do the bitsetting.

I hope this will answer some of your questions.



This burner automatically sets DVD+R to DVD-ROM. I don’t know about DVD+RW.
From what I have seen sofar +R burns in CAV or P-CAV and -R burns in Z-CLV at least at 8x. No 16x DVD-R here to test with.

I am doing some testing on this drive at the present and will post some results in the thread H3rB3i pointed to in the post above when I am done.


Thanks to both of you for the replies,after spending a lot of time on here I also think it mey have something to do with NERO??? but, the DVD’s did work on an older RCA for whatever that was that Circuit City tried to push down our throats a few years ago, they seemed fine on that player so, my newer Toshiba has the problem with the way they are burned?? Am trying some other programs besides Nero to get some more input on this?? Thanks Again!!!


Read Here:

sounds like you are not alone. The first few had little problems, but read on and others had more problems. Hope this helps.


Most skipping issues are related to the quality of the media. Use high quality media and burn @ 4X to test for compatibility.


I would tend to think that it is media related too. If it is recognizing the disk and playing (even if poorly), then it can play the disk format. Skipping or freezing is usaly a bad burn though it is also possible for a standalone player to be picky about reading recorded disks in general (it may not like certain brands of disk because of the dye).
Download this free program
What kind of media are you using? The brand doesn’t matter. Most manufactures buy other peoples disks and slap thier name on it. The above program will read the true manufacture of the disk off it (the media Id code). What is the media id code off of the disks you are using?


The disc shows, CMC MAGNETICS version E01?? The label reads Hewlitt Packard



More junks from HP. Go to and ask for a sample of Made in Japan Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD+R and DVD-R. Use 4X burn speed.