Toshiba and Sony in talks over Blu-ray format soultion

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 As of a  week or two ago, we have known that Sony stated they were "open" to a  unified format for Blu-ray products. The belief is that the consumer is not  likely to embrace a new...
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I’m fed up of this crap, this dual format thing sucks. Blu-Ray deserves to be the format of High Definition movies, its technically better! The only way its going to work if the blu-ray camp compensate for the loss of HD-DVD development so HD-DVD can dissapear!

The production costs of blue-ray readers, writers and media far exeed that of HD-DVD devices. Therefore, if a comprise is not reached, and blue-ray becomes the standard, expect your pocket to be hurt. As a cheap skate, I certainly hope that any compromises reached favor HD-DVD or that blue-ray simply fails in the market due to high costs.

According to Japanese Newssites talks between Toshiba and Sony are nothing new. It is said the timing of releasing this news is because in the newest rounds of talks Kudaragi, head of Sony Computer Entertainment, and Fujii head of Toshiba media Network have entered talks together. Fujii was former head of Toshibas Semiconductor business and ties with Kudaragi are very strong because these two are the main persons behind Playstation3s CELL and other main technologys. PS3 is said to use a Blu-Ray drive and it seems that before introduction of PS3 those two want to find a way out of the format war. This aso should explain why Panasonic, Hitachi, NEC or Sanyo have not entered talks.

I hope blu-ray will win. I like the MO-media, it´s more reliable than the optical media

If price is the only thing HD-DVD has over blu-ray then I would like to know how much more expensive each blu-ray drive and disc will be. According to Sony, it’s not that much. Additiontally, you would expect the PS3 to sell for about $300 at launch which includes a blu-ray drive. $300 for a blu-ray drive and a great games machine is good value! All that extra space of blu-ray wins me over.
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