Toshiba and Nero CD-DVD Speed 3.80 ISO image



Hi !

There is a weird problem with Nero CD-DVD Speed burning ISO image that can’t be read on my Toshiba SD-M1712. Size of the disc is not correctly seen and an error append at the end of the “transfer rate” test…

When I burn the same ISO image with Nero Burning ROM (finalizing the disc) or DVDDecrypter, my Toshiba SD-M1712 reports the correct size and read the disc from start to end with no problem.

Illustration :

Thanks for your support… :confused:


Can someone from Ahead give me an answer ?


OK, seems that Nero CD-DVD Speed 3.80 “image burning” function is not finalizing DVD+R discs… at least when they are not full.


it works fine for me…check your prefs…maybe having “include test data” checked is screwing with the size of the burned disc…


No, I have not included test data.

Look here :
I think it’s with not full DVD+R only. The session seems not close.

I’m sure its a bug. I’m not alone as you can see…


could be, just saying I, along with many others, haven’t had any issues…perhaps a PM to Erik Deppe here at CDF (the author of CD/DVD Speed) is in order…


There’s a sticky thread for CD Speed on media test software forum.


Thanks Kenshin, but I’m a little bit busy (and too tired to post this problem here and there) and my current workaround will be not use DVD Speed ISO burning till it’s clearly corrected in a future changelog.


Ok ! Craig Campbell from Nero open a case on this issue.

I hope to see this issue solved someday.