Toshiba and AD-7590A Again

While I have read most of the great info on this issue with Toshiba laptops not recognizing the drive, I have a thought. Instead of having to find a laptop that likes the AD-7590A and changing its master to slave setting, or purchasing an IDE to 50-pin slimDVD board and using a desktop to run the NEC program that they supply to change the setting, why can’t an ordinary flash drive cable that is USB to slim 50-pin connector be used? The USB plugs into the desktop and the slim into the DVD and then run the NEC program?

My Toshiba M35 won’t recognize the AD-7590 drive and I thought I would try this first. Any thoughts ?

Just simply because usb is crap for such things…

I sent an email to NEC about this and they indicated that they thought this would work. It saves having to buy the board.