Toshiba a30 fitted with optiarc ad7543A

Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum, and I hope I am puting my post in the correct location.

Recently I fitted a new AD7543A device, to allow my A30 laptop os win xp sp2, to burn DVD.

After fitting the device to the laptop, I discovered the burning speed was very slow.

Having read several posts I finally managed to get the secondary ide interface that connects to the burner to accept udma.

My problem now is how do I get the primary (hard drive) ide interface to change from pio transfer mode to udma. I have followed several ideas i have found in the forums, all to no avail.

I would much appreciate any help and advice on resolving this problem.

cheers Baz

Hey Baz, welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

Click the link in my sig, about enabling DMA, and in the first post of the thread you’ll find a link to a file named “resetDMA.vbs”.

Download and run that file, and if it finds a drive in PIO mode (in this case, your HDD), it’ll reset it to UDMA mode.

You’ll have to reboot after running the script. :slight_smile:

Hello Arachne,

Thank you for the info.
I managed to get it to run by using the open with command line option.

My old A30 is now working correctly.

Thanks again.


Glad it’s working now, Baz :clap:

[QUOTE=Arachne;2009933]Glad it’s working now, Baz :clap:[/QUOTE]

Yo Lin-

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[QUOTE=bigmike7;2010222]Yo Lin-

You even give help to your cat online - thats freakin’ amazing -eh!! :eek:[/QUOTE]

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