Toshiba 5205-S705 & ND-6500?

My Toshiba Laptop needs a new dvd burner.
It currently has a Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-810 that burns at 1X. And only reads what and when it feels like it! I have been searching and reading about laptop slim dvd burners and the ND-6500 looks pretty good to me. Has anyone tried to install it in a Toshiba 5205-S705? Any advice on the burner, and/or advice on adding it to my laptop.

I’m using an external I/O Magic (Flashed to Benq 47L9) for now at home. That works well, but not for traveling. I really need to replace the internal dvd-drive. Any suggestions or advice, especially for my Toshiba, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Michael

What about ND-6650A?

Panasonic of Matsushita and Hitachi-LG notebook DVD burners are good in that they have DVD-RAM write and read capabilities. Toshiba is still strong in notebook DVD burners. All of their current mainstream products support up to 8x for SL write-once DVDs. NEC ND-6500A and ND-6650A are popular because you can find them on retail market more easily at relatively good prices and support at forums like this has been excellent.

Is it true the 6500 & 6650 come only as Master?

My current dvd-drive is on Primary-Slave. Is there a better choice for a replacement that comes set to slave? How would I change the 6500 to work with my Toshibe 5205-S705 laptop.

Someone please give me some guidence please.

I have the same machine…not sure that this drive will work. Remember, the UJ-810 has a custom faceplate on it to match the contour of the machine. I asked this question months ago…no luck yet…would love an answer as well…the UJ-810 is the worst burner I have ever experienced. Very delicate…reads sporadically…all that nasty stuff…


Has anyone tried the ND-6500 in a Toshiba laptop? Or could you recommend any other good slimline dvd±rw that would work? I’ve been looking around on line and only found 3 drives that are listed as “slave”.

  1. Toshiba SD-R6572 8X lightscribe $150
  2. Toshiba SD-R6472 8X $90
  3. Sony DW-D56A 8X $100 {OEM LiteOn SOSW 852S} ?
    I would rather use the NEC ND-6500 if I was sure I could get it to work.

My experience with changout of my old 1x Matshita UJ-810 with the NEC ND-6500a.

My Toshiba 5205-S705 laptop had the UJ-810 installed as a slave. The new ND-6500 came as cable select and caused an IDE error#0 when installed. After reading various forum posts on this issue I learned about ‘reverse ATA’. I ordered a ‘Slimline to IDE’ adapter. Using this adapter, I installed the 6500 in my desk top PC on the secondary IDE cable. It was recognized as master and slave depending which connector I hook it up to. Following the instructions from’6500boot’ I created a bootable CD with Nero and added all the 6500boot programs. I booted to DOS, but when I tried to run the 6500 boot program, I got a message saying ‘firmware not changed correctly, 6500boot.bat missing.’ After trying MANY different combinations and 2 PCs, I made a bootable floppy with all the BOOT6500 programs. Restarted PC and booted to DOS from the floppy. Ran BOOT6500.bat successfully! After reboot to Windows, ND-6500 now recognized as ND-6100a 0.01. It also showed up as SLAVE even though it was still on the IDE Master connector (hence Reverse ATA). I rebooted to DOS again and ran 6500MAIN.bat. Again – a successful flash. Removed floppy and restarted computer to Windows XP. Now the drive it back to ND-6500a with the firmware 4.21. (The same as 2.21, but for Reverse ATA drives). I then downloaded Liggys 4.24firmware with bit setting and flashed it again, this time from windows. I set it to default DVD+R single & duel layer disks to DVD-ROM. Rebooted and checked to make sure everything was ok and then moved the ND-6500 to my Toshiba laptop. The Laptop now booted up ok and recognized the 6500 as SLAVE. I took a Dremmel tool and modded the faceplate to fit with my Toshiba and reinstalled it on the 6500 DVD burner. The 6500 faceplate is not as thick, so it sits a little deeper into the laptop, but I can live with that.

Now the testing begins.