Toshiba 5002 and x4 media

I’ve just bought a tosh 5002 and so far it’s been fantastic but as of yet i have not tried any x4 media in it.

Has anyone tried any and if so what disc’s did you use and did they work ok.

thanks for any help given.

my mate has the same writer but only uses grey datawrite classics he thinks they are the best disk`s on the market
they are only 2x though i am sure the writer is only 2x any one else enlighten me


yeah the writer is only 2 speed but was just wondering if x4 media would work ok before i splash the cash and buy some.

:smiley: yes 4x media will work on this writer but will only work at 2x
hope this is of help

thanks i ordered a sample pack from svp to test if they would work

no probs bud any timebobbybear77@hotmail .com :cool:

got my sample pack and used a datawrite 4 speed disc and everything worked fine also managed to get some datawrite yellow tops so i’m using them at the minute.

that`s great keep me posted of any oter probs or info u need :smiley: