Toshiba 42WLT58

Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I am trying to find a review for this LCD HDTV. Does anyone know if this is a good TV, Once again picture quality is of major importance to me. Thank you for any help

It’s not listed on the Toshiba web site . Must be an old model or a very new one.

The TV seems to be a British model as it is listed on their UK website. :slight_smile:

Going by the specifications, it looks well featured, especially with 2 x HDMI, 3 x SCART and VGA inputs. It also can also tune in Digital broadcasts and has a CI slot (for subscription channels). :wink: Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any reviews around on this particular model, at least none that I have come across…

I have a review of the 32inch model from what home cinema issue 41 page 45 which says the PQ is “Breathtaking” but I know from experience that a larger screen of the same model dose’nt mean the same PQ.

Thank you for replying guys

If it’s rated to display a true 1080i, odds are good that given good contrast ratios, it’ll be a pretty good monitor. This one is rated at 1366x768. So it should be very good for video, although you might not like the look of it as a PC monitor.

What really separates the big screens is the way they display low-res TV. (480 and under). Some are great, some are crap. And this has more to do with the tuners and filters than the screen itself. An awfull lot of the so-called “HD-ready” sets are actually 720p displays ( this one included it seems). With most HD content, you wouldn’t expect to see much difference, but it sometimes also signals cheaper tuners and filters that will impact the way it displays other content (lower res).

I wouldn’t buy anything without looking and comparing first. Trust your eyes.

Yes, it’s a brand new model. It’s only available in the UK only. There has not been a review done yet.

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So it is this one:
Available in Germany too.

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Yes, it’s that one. Just meant that specfic model number 42WLT58, not saying the tv would not be available anywhere else. Bad choice of words.

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