Toshiba 32rv530u

Would I be stupid for buying this tv for 600$?

Conn’s has it advertised starting tomorrow (I think conn’s is a local chain here). I haven’t had time to research it (just saw the ad), and had planned on waiting till black friday to get my first lcd tv (haven’t researched lcd tv’s in general as I though I would wait till black friday). It seems to be the cheapest I have seen a 32" 1080p tv but I haven’t really started price comparing and shopping yet? I’ll probably pass it up, but what do you think?

Even better, I could get it price matched at circuit city and get it for 570$?

Hey ripit did you happen to read the news article that I posted.

I guess the ultimate choice is yours, could you cope with that same T.V. being say $450.00 or $500.00 down the road if you purchased it now.


Thanks, no I hadn’t seen it. I figured that I might get it cheaper on black Friday, but I’m not willing to wait in line all night just to not get it (I probably wouldn’t wait in line all night even if I knew I could get it). From the looks of what they are predicting for the market though, there will probably be plenty of other deals besides just that morning. I think I’ll wait.