Toshiba 1712 and DMA

I have a Toshiba 1712 reader with the stock firmware on a Windows 2000 system. It is the secondary master drive with an NEC 2000a as the secondary slave. Whenever I enable DMA on the Toshiba, my computer locks up when using the drive. Any thoughts on why this is happening?

Try setting NEC to Secondary(IDE 2) Master and the Toshiba to Secondary(IDE 2) Slave.

This did not work either. I got the same result: it froze, then I got a blue screen after turning off at the power supply and rebooting. Any chance an upgrade to XP Pro could fix the problem?

Try installing MS default IDE drivers (search forums for how).

What mainboard (what chipset?) is there in your system?

I have the exact same combo and used them a NForce2 chipset and a Via K8T800 without a problem.

Sometimes, issues like these can be solved by changing the master/slave settings (don’t use the friggin’ cable select option) or by updating the system’s BIOS.

If you have a pretty fast internetconnection and you can burn CDs, I advice to download Knoppix. This is a graphical Linux distribution that boots from CD (no installation required!) and allows you to test your hardware. If everything works fine in Linux, there shouldn’t be any hardware issue… thus Windows is the problem!