Toshiba 1612 Rev A HELP!

Hi guys. I hope I got this in the right forum. I have a Toshiba 1612 revision a that currently has firmware j004 (hacked for rip limit removal) on it. I had j806 installed until a few minutes ago. My problem is that my drive has stopped reading cdrw’s. It reads DVD+R, DVD+RW’s, CD-R’s just fine, but, not cd-rw’s. This is starting to get annoying with my machine as I just replaced a Plextor 708a because it stopped reading/writing ALL cd media(apparently a known issue with some 708’s). Does anyone have any advice for this problem? The j806 firmware doesn’t solve the issue and nor did the j004. I guess I could try going back to an original firmware and see if that makes a difference. This Toshi drive has worked flawlessly for several years up until recently when it developed this problem. I guess it could be time to replace it but if it can be fixed I’d certainly be willing to try just about anything. Thanks!!