Toshiba 1612 Problem

Not sure what to make of this. Suggestions are welcome.

Media is Imation DVD+R. I am using a Sony DRU500AX to burn my discs. DVDXcopy is being used to burn movies (backups ofcourse) and RecordNow DX is in use for data discs.

So far I have burned four movies and two data discs. When I attempt to read them with my Toshiba 1612 the light flashes a few times and then stays lit up. If I double click the object in explorer I receive a message stating that the disc is corrupt or is using a file system windows doesn’t recognize. CRC errors are reported in event viewer. It is the same error and symptoms with both the burned data and movie discs.

All of these discs are perfectly readable in the 500AX that burned them AS WELL as three CDRW/DVDROM combo drives in computers at my place of work (two dell latitude laptops and one optiplex desktop).

Now, if this Toshiba has such great support for all these formats then why is it some OEM machines at work can read these burned discs but my 1612 freaks out? At least one of the combo drives in the Dells at work that can read my discs is a Matsushita.

I have ordered a Liteon LTD-165H to replace this Toshiba with IF it fixes my problem. Does the 165H stand a good chance of reading these burned discs of mine?

AFAIK, Toshiba is on the -R side and doesn’t support the +R format.

However, I noticed my Toshiba 1302 reads DVD+RW discs.
Although it takes some time to recognise the +R/W disc, but eventually it picks up the disc.


Thanks for the reply Mr Snake.

At this point I’m not going to get all bent out of shape with regard to this problem. Hopefully the Lite-On will be able to read the burned discs and I’ll just sell my Toshiba 1612. I don’t even really care that much if a set top player can play my discs anyway (which I haven’t tested yet) since I watch my collection on my LCD and not my TV anyway.

Do you know much about Imation? It could be, perhaps, that the Toshiba doesn’t like my Imation media. But then again it seems like it wasn’t able to read the Fuji either so maybe you’re right about the 1612 just not liking +R. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice +R listed as a supported format for the Lite-On either so it might end up going back for a refund as well. :frowning:

Well, since you have a Sony DRU500AX you might as well burn on -R media.

Could save you the trouble in selling your Toshiba or refunding you Lite-On.


Welp, the Lite-On is already on it’s way and as long as it will read the +R I’ll be a happy camper. Unfortunately it seems +R isn’t listed as a format it supports (strangely, +RW is though) so there is a good chance it’s not going to help. Strange though that those three Dell machines at work have no problems with the +R. I did a little looking around on the web and noticed that most DVD-ROM drives seem to support -R but not +R. WTF?

Since most of my backups have already been burned to +R I’m not going to switch to -R at this point. To late for that. At this point it’s going to be easier to just find a DVD-ROM that will read the +R discs… Worse comes to worse I can try to figure out what ROM is in the dell optiplex at work and try to find one of them available for purchase somewhere on the net since the dell PCs have no issue with my +R discs.

Check out the forums at The Firmware Page ( - apparently the Toshiba WILL read +R/+RW dvd media if you flash the drive with a newer firmware (1808).

Thankyou very much, I will give that a try this evening and see if it takes care of the problem. I downloaded the 1612_1808B firmware file, I hope that is the correct one to try. I’m new to this and there is a LOT of different versions of firmware there to pick from.

One more question, if you please. Should I disconnect my Sony DRU500AX when I flash the Toshiba? Is there a possibility that the utility might try and flash the Sony, killing it if both devices are connected? Thanks, you have all been very helpful.

Now, if I can only get googlegear to cancel my order… That place has some great prices but their customer service hasn’t always been stellar for me.

You don’t need to disconnect the Sony, but it is a good idea to be safe.

Not sure what the hell I would do without the internet. How else would I access such a treasure trove of knowledge and experience?

To make a long story short, I flashed the Toshiba (risked it, left the sony connected) and it now reads my burned +R and +RW discs! Thanks a lot guys, you have made one happy camper. Now I can play my burned movies in the Toshiba and leave the Sony strictly for burning purposes.

You guys are awesome! :cool:

No prob - that’s what these forums are for - to help each other.

Glad to hear that the firmware flash did add the + ability, as I’d yet to try it myself (well I’ve done the flash, but haven’t used the Sony to burn any +r/+rw discs yet!).

From reading over in the Firmware Page forums I think there may be one minor drawback - top reading speed for CDs falls from 48x to 40x. But I guess, you like me and many others, can live with that in exchange for the extra abilities.