Tortuga- Pirates of the New World

Tortuga- Pirates of the New World
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Copy Protection ProtectCD 5

I have found noway making a 1:1 Copy, even with the new Blindwrite 5 Beta.

Can anyone help me out?


what do you mean by 1:1 copy? if your using bw beta5 your usingautoplay on the burn so its not a true 1:1 copy but should work on any computer that has autoplay v2 installed on it. unless you used the tweaker and turned it off…then im not sure on how to get a true 1:1 copy of that protection.

So its possible? Tell me the steps in detail pls.

Thx alot

AFAIK, ProtectCD 5 can’t be copied without some form of emulation. I don’t know whether a blindwrite 4 or 5 autoplay copy will work as I’ve never seen a cd using this prot. downunder. perhaps lapinou or one of our European friends can tell us whether either version of bw can handle this one.

However, I understand that alcohol is capable of producing a copy that works with RMPS emulation.

did you use autoplay or did you disable it with the tweaker?