and bite the dust!



I just posted the article and bite the dust!.

 brantdk used our news submit to tell us that the MPAA (Motion  Picture Association of America) has added another two crosses to its exterminate  list. Both and have...
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Not surprising at all. It was evident a long time ago that, because of the structure of torrents, it made for a terribly easy target


Doesent matter how many Torrent sites go down, as many of em god down, just as many and more come up… They cant stop it and never will


Again I state… Ahhh… IRC is still safe and sound. IRC can move in an instant change owners and be left in the dust. Its chat, and no one can trace anything.


not surprised abut Uk-torrents after all ( ) i wanna see them go after piratebay.:d


lol, they are so silly… so they will close torrent sites… so what? god knows how many p2p networks people can invent, and you can’t close em all. people, you have to look within! find the cause, don’t fight the illness! IF you drop that ridiculous drm crap, IF you don’t push us to pay for the stuff we ALREADY own, IF you dont make us waste time verifying our licenses and IF we can do whatever we want with stuff we already bought, IF you dont whine about lameass excuses like dropping sales and other crap which is a complete lie, well, perhaps THEN you wont need to fight the unstopabble.


Lamerli, start a site yourself… you seem to dare it


If they make pirating as easy as possible, THEN they wont have a need to fight it anymore?? You got to be kidding. This is the major problem for most people. They live in denial. Sure, everybody is just BACKUPping their property. SURE! And with torrents people are just previewing for material to actually buy. SURE! That might be the case for a small minority, but the vast majority nevertheless uses the means for pirating. I think record and movie industries’ biggest problem lies in their pricing strategies. New records and movies should be 10USD each. But it’s quite impossible with all the greedy hands in the process. Box office tickets should be 5USD max. And yes, I know everything. About everything.


Yeah start one up sucker, the begining of the end for torrent, HA HA HA!!!


I would like to see anyone start up a big torrent site and not get taken down and sued for tons of money. Only really stupid people would start a torrent site up now and expect to evade the law. This is just a sign of clarity for people who are thinking about starting up one of these kinds of sites


Uk-torrents… isn’t that a UK website? If so how can they be sued by Americans? I’m not sure I understand this at all…


Because they violated US Copyright law and that is honored by the UK and European Union. Also the MPAA has copyrights in the UK, just because it’s the US version does NOT mean it isn’t copyrighted in the UK. Example Sony’s Patents for PSX and PS2 are patented in every country.


Only mainland china such as Taiwan do not obey International Copyright Laws, hence why all the pressed pirate discs come out of there. UK (and all of Europe) isn’t that. As for piratebay they are going to take them down but take downs cost about $1 mill and not everyone “jumps” to spend that, I do know from sources that they are planning a take down.


This is not true. European law are NOT like US laws, and MPAA can pursue its means by Euro country’s law if it wants to attack an european citizen. The nationalityof the webmaster of UK torrents is not stated to be either american or european.


MPAA, the answer is simple, DON’T MAKE US WAIT! The majority of people wanting pirated movies in this country (Aus) want them because they see that they are premiered in the US or are advertised long before they are screened! It is the same with TV episodes, When viewers in this country are treated like they don’t matter, with the networks screening some excellent US series (in the case of The West Wing) more than 18 months after the US, and then not completing the series, trying to con us that only seven episodes were made (how dumb do they think we are, we have the internet and access to EPGUIDES and HBO,CBS etc.) Treating us like kids in a candy store, holding the candy under our nose then yanking (pun intended !) in away and holding it at arms length. The on show they have been unable to do it with is Survivor. When the first series premiered here it was screened six weeks after the US. When details wee published about who was voted off they quickly started showing two episodes a week until it was within two days of the US screening and it has remained so ever since, incurring the ire of the network showing it as they had to show the conclusion of the last series during Non rating period!