TorrentSpy loses Californian copyright lawsuit

I just posted the article TorrentSpy loses Californian copyright lawsuit.

The BitTorrent indexing website has lost a Californian copyright case as a result of a federal judge ruling in favour of the MPAA that it had hid and destructed evidence, which made a…

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Whilst I side with TorrentSpy it is true that they should NOT be changing things that can be used as evidence after they had been ordered not to touch anything. If they had done these things BEFORE they were taken to court then it would be a different matter. This is not about MPAA vs. users privacy but about changing evidence after the fact and is a purely law orientated decision. Not about who is right or wrong.

Ya thats what people need the MPAA grabbing IPs other information from them. Good for them for protection people. MPAA can rot in hell along with the RIAA. Money grubbing scum.