TorrentSpy appeals decision in MPAA lawsuit

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A once well-known but now-defunct BitTorrent site is appealing a court order to pay nearly $111 million in damages for copyright infringement, nine months after the original ruling.
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There is also the issue of the torrents themselves. Torrents are nothing more than metafiles and are not bound by any copyright law. In this respect, Torrentspy and other BitTorrent tracker sites are nothing more than indexes of data files. Google indexes millions of torrent tracker sites, illegally hosted pirate content and numerous warez sites. Why aren’t they being hauled over the coals for “facilitating” copyright infringement ?

In Torrentspy’s case though, they stuffed-up by deleting evidence. This action went against them and smacks of poor forethought.

@BitRate…agree with you…who knows what would have happended if they didn’t delete evidence. They could have won, and still be up and running

I agree with the previous posters. They really fubared the whole thing by deleting evidence. Google or other search engines, Usenet search engines, Torrent sites, all do the same thing practically.

I respect their decision to delete data in order to maintain the privacy of their users in order to comply with their privacy promises made to their end users.

They shouldn’t of maintained records of users anyways if they didn’t want to get into a pickle later on. The Usenet server I pay for doesn’t keep records of who posts what so why should a torrent site be different.