I have a problem with my torrent, it does not download. I tried everything but it is not working. Please help:sad:

First off, welcome to the forum. I should tell you in advance that most of our users aren’t psychics (there are likely forums where this isn’t true) so I’m sorry to say that if indeed you’ve tried everything than all the possibilities are exhausted. However, if you were to supply a bit more detail (such as source, what client(s) you [I]have [/I]tried, your connection type, etc.) then someone may be able to help.

So , in a nutshell:

Who is your Internet Service Provider?
What is your internet subscription like?
What hardware are you using?
What are you trying to torrent? Do you see people offering the torrent or are you offering the torrent? How many peers do you see? Where are these peers located?
What port are you using? Have you tested if these ports are open?
What program are you using?
What operating system are you using?